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Why is reading books useful?


by Natalia Żołądkiewicz, G5

“Why is reading books useful?” Some students ask this question all the time – mostly those who do not like to read.
It is very useful because if you read a book and you see a word that you do not know, you can ask an adult or check in a dictionary.
Thus, you automatically learn words you did not know before, including their spelling. If you learn an unusual word and you have to write an essay, you can use the word in the essay. The teacher who gave you the essay will see that you know difficult words and may give you a very good grade, like ”6” or “5+”. Your parents would be very happy about it.
Reading books also helps you memorize things better, learn about the world and travel to far-away places in your imagination. And of course it is also fun.
So if you want to have good grades, read books. And now tell me: isn’t reading books really useful?
I asked six children from PYP if they like reading books. Four of them said that they do like reading books, and two of them said they do not.
Maybe they will change their opinion with the following book suggestions that we have tried and found really cool reading:

Cool Book Suggestions:

  • G1: Oxford Reading Tree
  • G2: The Roald Dahl Books
  • G3: Magic Treehouse
  • G4: Spiderwick Chronicles
  • G5: Harry Potter

Dear PYP students, remember about the Book Day – 3rd March!

PYP picture by Charlotte from G2

Aleksandra Malicka, G4

I think reading is important because it gives us a lot of information and it is also helping. I enjoy reading because I like to learn new things. In some books there are my favourite things – adventures! I prefer fiction books. They are taking me to a different world – a world of a story. My favourite author is Alysa Crown. My favourite book is “Super dog hero”. It is an adventure about a dog that did not like water. My favourite characters in this book are animals: a dog and a cat. The beginning of the book was very sad, but at the end it was funny and happy.

Bruno Gawęcki, G4

I think reading is important because we can learn different things. However, I do not enjoy reading because it is boring and it takes too much time. I prefer to read non-fiction books with pictures, photos and short information. For example “Guinness World Records 2011 and 2010”. From this book I have learned who is the tallest in the world, the biggest plants, vegetables and fruit and much more. I do not have a favourite author, because I do not read so many books. When I was small my mum read me books every night. I liked “Franklin”, „Koszmarny Karolek” and poems.

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